Tralfamadorian Novel: A Day in the Life of a Biotecher (Alex, Ally, Lauren)

Getting the IB Diploma:
So Much Knowledge:
History IA Struggles:
Elevator Shenanigans:
100 on Test:
Symbol #1: We used pencils as symbols for frustration and failure. We chose to use pencils because they are seen often in everyday life, but (similar to some Biotech students) can break under pressure.
Symbol #2: We used Smarties as symbols for success. We chose to use them because they are delicious candies that bring happiness, and because their name helps emphasize the symbol.
    We put the diploma first because we wanted the viewer to know what happens in the end, before they see the rest of the Vines. This helps the viewer see the positive effects of looking ahead to achieve goals. Then we put the books Vine to symbolize all of the knowledge we have gained/will gain from IB. We put DGP and History IA struggles in the beginning and then exercising to symbolize our reach for success (Smarties). During the Elevator Shenanigans, we finally got the Smarties, and at lunch we ate them (enjoying our success). We put the waking-up Vine last to show that even when you’re struggling to wake up, you can look back on your past accomplishments and realize you may have a great day ahead of you.
    In the vine when we are checking Powerschool, we intentionally put a pencil in the background to help show failure. We also embedded a Smarties wrapper between the books to symbolize that knowledge is closely linked with success and happiness, and that reading can make you successful. We put Dr. Eno’s name on the IB Diploma to show that though she isn’t at our school anymore, she contributed greatly to all of our successes.
    Taken together, our Vines express that you should never give up. There may be frustrating and discouraging moments, but if you persevere and keep on learning, you will succeed. Always reach for high goals, even when achieving them seems impossible.

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